Where WWAC is headed



In Spring 2019, Women With A Cause plans to launch a new program which will focus on rural Colorado communities. The Paraprofessional To Licensure program will enable single mothers and single women Veterans to attend college while working in the Alamosa schools as paraprofessionals (Women who are trained to assist professionals but do not themselves have professional licensure).

Women will take in-seat classes in the summer and on weekends in order to complete a Bachelors in Elementary Education. Presently WWAC has been talking to potential partners such as Adams State University, Trinidad State Junior College, and La Punte, a non profit social service safety net organization.

Michele Houtchens, a lifelong educator and administrator, is heading up the development and launch of this wonderful opportunity for women and children they will serve.

Expectant Growth

Each year, we aim to grow and continue reaching more women in need. In 2019, we anticipate a total of  30 Scholars in our program, which will be another record year. 

bridging the cliff effect

The Cliff Effect is the single greatest barrier to self-sufficiency for low-income families. It is the equivalent of taking one step forward and two steps back. Eligibility for government support is based on income with benefits being removed as income increases. The lack of gradual release often leads to a situation where parents are working harder but are more financially burdened. WWAC is focused on bridging this income and support gap by providing a safety net while women achieve true self-sufficiency.