Women With A Cause

January 29, 2017, http://newburymagazine.net/women-with-a-cause/

About Us

Women With a Cause provides economic development programs that focus on education and skill training for women to enable them to be lifted out of poverty and lead them to self-sufficiency.

History of Women With a Cause

Inspired by a World Vision AIDS Day Breakfast in 2005, Women With A Cause founder, Susan Kiely, learned about the plight of women in the developing world and a journey began.

Women With A Cause is dedicated to providing training in areas where there are job opportunities for women. In Hyberabad, India WWAC developed training centers to provide classes in sewing. In Yetebon, Ethiopia a center for women has been established that provides computer training. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia we are partnering with the Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center to educate mothers in sewing, tailoring and hair styling.

In Denver Colorado, Women With A Cause is partnering with, but not limited to, Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver, Regis University, University of Colorado School of Nursing, Metropolitan State University School of Hospitality, and Emily Griffith Technical College. These partnerships will provide opportunities for homeless and/or low income mothers, as well as, female veterans to take classes.

Women With A Cause is an all-volunteer organization made up of women who use their gifts and talents toward alleviating poverty and changing the lives of women around the world.


  • Built two training centers in India
  • Helped establish a primary school in Uttamary, India
  • Launched “one of a kind” silk jacket business in Hyderabad, India
  • Launched a program that educated over 800 Indian women in the area of sewing and self-empowerment through financial education and micro lending techniques
  • Enabled dozens of women from the United States to go to India and teach sewing skills to impoverished women
  • Created patterns for non profits that teach and employ poor women in Thailand and Ghana.
  • Established computer training center in Ethiopia
  • Equipped a sewing/training center, as well as, hair styling classes at The Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center in the capital city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
  • Created awareness of Third World conditions for women through events such as International Women’s Day and workshops
  • Established the WE Initiative that will provide education for homeless and/or low income mothers and single female veterans
  • Partnered with Denver based 501c3 agencies to build temporary and permanent housing for homeless and low income women.
  • Partnered with The Rose Andom Center to improve the lives of domestic violence victims by combining community resources in a single safe location.

Get Involved



  • Be in touch via phone, text or e mail with your mentee at least once a week
  • Meet up with your mentee once a month
  • Listen to your mentee. Allow your mentee to formulate ideas through active listening
  • Give personal examples from your own life where you have learned through mistakes (please do not get too personal)
  • Go over course work and if you notice that she is not fulfilling her school obligations and/or is slipping in her course work, suggest that she notify WWAC and ask for a tutor
  • Listen more than talk
  • Not judge; accept your mentee in spite of her past mistakes
  • Help your mentee study or review her coursework
  • Enjoy an outing with a mentee and her child(ren) such as a museum, zoo or park. WWAC has money available for such excursions
  • Check in with your WWAC facilitator if you see any red flags concerning your mentee’s progress

A recent Comfort Dental Graduate enjoying time with her mentor.

Mentors are amazing guides!

Our mentors help our scholars navigate the work-life balance.


  • Create, plan, and orchestrate a home party to introduce WE SCHOLARS to your friends
  • Assist at one of our yearly parties as a helper
  • Invite your friends to one of our Meet Our Scholars home parties
  • Help us find grants and company donations for our program


Data entry

  • Thank you letters & tax receipts
  • Invitations
  • Social media


  • $100 will supplement a family’s childcare expenses.
  • $50 will pay for college textbooks.
  • $25 will supplement a family’s monthly income.
  • Give Monthly: A $25 a month donation goes a long way.

Your monthly commitment to the WWAC Foundation will allow us to continue our work of educating women in order to help lift them and their families out of poverty.

WE Scholars meet with a WWAC specialist who helps the mother receive:

  • Food stamps
  • C Cap (Child Care)
  • Pell Grants- financial aid with educational expenses
  • Section 8 or low-income housing

WWAC Foundation provides:

  • Financial assistance for education
  • Money to pay for books and supplies
  • Monthly stipend to supplement living expense

We accept online donations securely through master charge and visa, as well as PayPal. Women With A Cause Foundation is an approved Public Charity under the Internal Revenue Code Number 27-12111132. Funds received are used for tuition, books, and supplemental living expenses. Our international work has enabled over a thousand women to provide for their families.

Shellby Jones