Close to Home


Warren Village is proud to be part of the CLOSE TO HOME campaign & the Warren Village/”Hand Up” Collaborative – a grassroots network of community organizations & individuals that have come together to increase understanding and move Coloradans to speak up and make a meaningful difference in addressing homelessness.  Increased public engagement paves the road to identify, pilot, implement, and sustain solutions such as affordable housing, supportive services, and employment/education opportunities.

The members of the Hand Up Collaborative are:

    • Warren Village (Chance LeBeau, Tori Ambrosio, Whitney Larson, Mike Robbins)
    • CBS/Channel 4 (Elaine Torres)
    • Community College of Denver (Ismael Garcia, Meloni Crawford)
    • Bank of the West (Jody Mcnerney)
    • Bake the World a Better Place (Shane Sanders)
    • Women with a Cause Foundation (Susan Kiely, Monica Kosanovich)
    • Susan Delaney Rodger (community philanthropist)
    • Annette Davis (former Warren Village resident)
    • Whitney Whitson (former Warren Village resident)


Many Stories of Impact for the CLOSE TO HOME campaign were shared by former Warren Village residents.  We are so proud of their courage & willingness to share their stories of perseverance and resiliency, and how the hand up from Warren Village was life transforming.

HISTORY. The idea for the CLOSE TO HOME campaign began in a listening tour conducted by The Denver Foundation in communities across the seven-county Metro Denver area (Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties). Residents said far too many people cannot meet their basic needs, especially housing, hunger, and a lack of safety or access to basic medical care. They said we need to increase understanding, compassion, and get more people engaged to solve these challenges.

5 Things You Can Do to Make a Meaningful Difference in Addressing Homelessness.

      1. PLEDGE – Take the Close to Home Pledge.  Show your interest in learning more, and help to elevate the issue.  We’ll share your commitment with decision makers to help drive change.
      2. LEARN – Toss the stereotypes.  Homelessness is closer than you think.  Kids in our neighborhood schools, workers in local businesses, and even family members and friends are spending their nights couch surfing, sleeping in cars, or out in the streets.  Learn more about who is affected, why, and potential solutions.
      3. SPEAK UP – Your words matter.  Speak up when you hear people say things about homelessness that are unkind, untrue, or simply not helpful to bringing about change.  Change begins when we change the conversation about homelessness.
      4. SHARE – Make it viral.  Share the stories of those who went from housed to homeless at #CloseToHomeCO through your social channels, in conversations with neighbors and in community forums.  Consider what you would do in similar circumstances.
      5. ACT – Your actions matter.  Seemingly small actions add up – sign the Pledge, post on Facebook or Twitter, volunteer or donate.  Together, we can help today and drive policy changes that make homelessness history in Colorado.

Homelessness is Close to Home

    • 322% – increase over the past decade of school-aged children known to be homeless in Metro Denver.
    • 51% – families and children made up more than half of homelessness in Metro Denver.
    • 43% – Metro Denver residents with family members or close friends who have experienced homelessness.
    • 97 Hours a Week – the amount of time a minimum wage worker needs to work per week to afford a 2-bedroom rental unit.

Shellby Jones